Voting is another great way to help the cluster grow by promoting our servers and making it easier for new players to find us.  As a way of showing our appreciation for your help and enthusiasm for  Tek Edge Gaming, we provide in game rewards for each vote you cast.  Each completed voting site will currently earn you 540 Tek Shards each via the in-game shop. 

Claiming Votes
Once you've voted through any of the sites below, you can claim your vote rewards in game either by opening the in-game shop using F2 and click 'Claim Votes' at the bottom, or by entering the /claim chat command. You can also claim votes through discord from the #support-bots channel
Each person is allowed to vote for up to three servers total every 24 hours.  To help consolidate our votes and get the most visibility, we've chosen three servers to use (although votes will be counted for any of our servers). Navigate to each of the server pages click the green Vote button just underneath the server title.

Gen2 -
Fjordur -
Crystal Isles -
Each person may vote for each server every 24 hours for a total of 11 votes.  You can vote for all of our servers at the same time by clicking the orange Vote button on the right side of the profile page

Each person may vote for our entire cluster every 12 hours through the page for our "Display" server, Ragnarok.  You can cast a vote by going to each of the links below and clicking the green "Cast a Vote" button.

Tek Edge Cluster -