Getting Started

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend checking out our discord at Discord is the best to find the most up to date information about the cluster.  

Our cluster is equipped with Ark ServerAPI which gives us access to powerful server side plugins that can improve your experience without more mods to download.  Here are some of the major features available to players

Tek Shards
Tek shards are the in-game currency used by the cluster.  Currently they can be earned by voting or through donor subscriptions and can be used via the in-game shop by pressing F2.  The shop also allows converting them into a physical item that’s used in some crafting recipes and fuel for powerful structures.

Outside of the in-game shop, Tek Shards as an item can be used for:

  • Fuel in Soul Terminals, Propagators, and Orbital Satellite Uplink
  • Crafting Awesome Teleporters and Domination Rex Eggs

Vote Rewards
To thank players for helping to promote our cluster, we offer a reward of 60 Tek Shards for each vote which are awarded through the in-game shop. You also have a chance to get rare Domination Rexes and Tek Mangarmrs. Instructions and voting links can be found on our website ( or in the #vote-links channel in Discord.

Solo Farm
If you’re riding an Argy or Karkino, you can carry a Doedic, Casteroides, or Anky and they will automatically start swinging for easy solo harvesting.  This behavior will happen automatically, but it can also be turned off by entering the chat command /farm

Changing Dino Colors
You can change one color region on any of your tames using /sdc <region> <color> on the creature you are targeting or /cdc <name> <region> <color> to change a color by your creature’s name.  Each use of this command costs 50 tek shards.  We recommend testing colors in single player using the SetTargetDinoColor command to see how it looks beforehand.

Decay System
Our cluster includes a decay plugin that syncs your decay timers across all maps automatically.  You will no longer need to login to each map to refresh all of your bases.  By default all players will have 14 days