Tek Edge Gaming is a relatively new community of friendly, mature, and laid-back players. Having just launched February, our cluster is the perfect place for your fresh start! With players in both North America and Europe, there will always be someone to play or chat with. We have cutting edge hardware and active admins to ensure the smoothest gameplay. And we are always open to feedback and suggestions to ensure you have the best possible experience while gaming with us.  

Everything you need to get started on the Getting Started, Servers, and Voting pages.  For the most up to date information, check out our discord with the link below!


We are PC/Steam, No-wipe, PvE cluster.  All major maps including, Svartalfheim and Caballus. Our lightly boosted rates and great selection of mods make it an excellent place to experience everything that PvE ark has to offer at your own pace without taking away Ark's challenge.

Just want to build?  There's plenty of space to find a home, and mods to add additional decor and building pieces to create the home of your dreams.

Breeding and collecting more of your thing?  With Ark Additions: The Collection, Kraken's Better Dinos, and Shiny! Dinos you can assemble any menagerie of beasts you can imagine!

Another highlight are overhauls for Valguero and Crystal Isles for players who love these maps and want to see the content that was cut when they were made official.

Don't see anything you like?  We're also open to suggestions.  Since launch we've already added new server plugins and mods and are looking into adding a rotating event map based on player feedback.